Sunday, January 13, 2008

Short Story

I decided to write a short story on the blog. I am having fun with the process and thought I would share with you what I do.

This time I have started by doing what I call 'free' writing. I used the above picture taken by my friend Nadine Keaney on our return trip from Breckenridge after a murder mystery show.

Here are some of the thoughts and feelings that I took from the picture.

"There is no jail worse than the one that puts you behind bars and then shows you the freedom you have lost."

"Just a few more miles and then it will be time to have fun."

"Some people look and see beauty, I look and see years of my life gone, gone for nothing."

"Is this the area where I will finally find my 'gold'? I have prospected for years, dealing with me who think I cannot do as well as they. So what if it the area is covered with snow, I am stronger than they think."

Join me next time. I have a feeling one of the above may end up the story!

If you wish to comment please feel free, the more the merrier.

Doris McCraw writing as Angela Raines


Alice Trego said...

What a great way to begin your short story, Doris! I really like what you have so far just by looking at a picture.

Donna said...

I love this. Thanks for sharing about your writing process!

bobbi c. said...

Interesting, Doris. Good idea to start with a photo to generate ideas.

bobbi c.

Arletta Dawdy said...

Your friend's camera caught the majesty of the west; your words "evoke sensation in the reader" (per Doctorow.)No better way to start!