Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Short Story, Next Round

Here is the next round of choices. Just continue to pick one from each day and on Sunday I will post the top four for the final choice. Then, starting next weekend you can see how my mind creates (hopefully) a short story.

The idea today is : "Just a few more mile and then it will be time to have fun."

3.1 So says Janice to her husband and 3 children, who would rather be home and hanging with their friends. To Janice this is the chance to get the family back together.

3.2 Joanie is on her way to go skiing when she is caught in a severe storm and finds herself stranded with a flat tire.

3.3 Sally has run away from home in Wisconsin and thinks that going to the mountains is the answer to all the problems she has with her life.

3.4 Elsie and Ruth are on their way to the mining town of Silver Cliff to experience the excitement of the boom town. They decided anything would be better than working the factories in Chicago.


Doris McCraw writing as Angela Raines

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