Sunday, January 27, 2008


The tabulating is done and I will be telling the story of Elsie and Ruth as they arrive in Silver Cliff from Chicago.

I will be posting in what I will call 'real' time. What you will be reading over the next few weeks or so will be written on the blog post. The first draft of the story and the comments I make on what I have written will be just as they come from my fingers except for the spell check. I have to do that for you see the keyboard does not make sounds like the keyboard of the piano and if my fingers move who know what you will see.

For those of you who missed the picture of the mountains led to the following phrase "just a few more miles and then it will be time to have fun", which in turn lead to the idea of Elsie and Ruth going to the mountians from an opposite place. In thinking of names for the characters I came up with Elsie and Ruth for I wanted older sounding names. The names in fact are the first two names of my paternial grandmother. I myself originally came from the mid-west and can speak fairly well for how that felt. I have spent the last couple of days putting the two ladies in various scenarios, but other than the opening few lines I am not quite sure what is going to happen as I get to the end. I usually know the ending for my stories, the fun part is letting my characters decide how they want to get there. Now for those first few lines.

"Just a few more miles and then it will be time to have fun," Elsie laughed. "Just look at the mountains! It is so much better than Chicago"

That is Elsie, I think she would find a leaf fun if she thought it would get her anywhere. Still she is my best friend. It is because of her I am on what she likes to call an adventure.

"Come on Ruth, smile. We have survived so many things. Get rid of your somber mood and think of what is to come."

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Arletta Dawdy said...

In eight short sentences, you have already given us a sense of who these women are! Good going!