Sunday, January 20, 2008

Final Four

Here are the final four. The following are the choices made by the readers of this blog for scenarios. The winning choice I will use to not only write a first draft of a short story, but I will also explain as I can the thought process I use to get to what I write.

Please send your choice to before Wednesday Jan 26, 2008.

1. Having been forced to remain at a lower altitude due to heart problems Sue comes to the decision that no matter what she will return to the mountains she loves.

2. Elsie and Ruth are on their way to the mining town of Silver Cliff to experience the excitement of the boom town. hey decided anything would be better that working the factories in Chicago.

3. Kathleen, a very controlling mother, is left with the empty nest. She has just lost her husband, and now has to face what her children are going to to with the homestead that she can no longer maintain.

4. Having lead and exciting and adventurous life, Clara, is looking for somewhere to spend the remaining years of her life doing something to return to the world the 'gold' she has had over her wonderful life.

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