Wednesday, April 30, 2008

WWW Book Donations

Women Writing The West has donated 95 books by its authors to the Elbert Library in Elbert, Colorado. The books were delivered April 30 by Joyce Lohse, who has collected the books taken from the tradeshow trunks when new books were added. The Elbert Library is unique because it is both the Elbert School Library and the Elbert Public Library. The school library is open to the public after school and on Saturdays through the Elbert County Library District.

The collection includes both adult and juvenile fiction and nonfiction books, making it a great addition to the Elbert Library. The books will be displayed as a collection through the summer, and then the books will be merged onto the library shelves. This is the first Women Writing The West Collection in the United States. The books will be available for Inter-Library Loan throughout the state of Colorado. Joyce will continue to send books to the library from the trade show trunks as members send new books to her. When the library doesn't have room for any more, the WWW board will choose another library in the west to house the next collection.

Pictured Left To Right: Joyce Lohse, Administrator for Women Writing The West; Gayle Gresham, Elbert Public Librarian and Secretary of Women Writing The West; Shelly Gould, Elbert School Librarian; Kari Baumann, Director of Elbert County Library District; Jan Gabehart, Elbert Branch Manager; Kelli Loflin, Elbert School Superintendent.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Great news from WWW member, Jane Kirkpatrick


IT'S ABOVE THE MEMORY KEEPER'S DAUGHTER AND THE ROAD. I know those books came out ages ago but hey, it's the third book in the series. I don't think the second book ever made that list and number ten is very, very good! How cool is that? Thanks for letting me cheer!

Jane Kirkpatrick

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Branching Out - thoughts on creativity

I have been thinking about the creative process of writing for some time. One of the ideas that keeps recurring is the idea of exploring other disciplines as a way to create even more depth to what I do.

I recently came across a one-minute pitch for screenplays by Pilar Alessandra and realized that it could be adapted to make a one-minute pitch for stories and books. It also creates a great spine for the work.

As I considered further I realized that as an actor and coach I read a lot of works on becoming a better performer. In the book "The Power of the Actor" the author talks about the goals you choose for creating the depth of your character. That struck me as an idea that could also be used when creating my own characters.

As a student of water-colors, which I am just beginning, I realized that studying that discipline helped me look at the world around me in so many different ways.

When writing, no matter how we try to do otherwise, our stories are filtered through ourselves and the world as we know it. How much greater then would our work be if we changed the way we look at things by studying other disciplines. They all say much the same, but sometimes looking at the same things in a different way allows the 'light bulb' to go on. We then can create work that will influence others to see things in a broader spectrum for many generations to come. That is my idea of what creative work is all about.

Friday, April 18, 2008

correction to web address

Opps. I just noticed that I gave you the wrong web address for Kim Ford's reviews. It's at Enjoy

blog tour, booksigning,

I'm finally back though getting ready to travel again....but a few of the blog tour sites have posted their reviews of my book. The latest is Kim Ford's site She's reviews all three book in my latest series, the most recent was just released this fall. I hope you'll make a stop to read it. I've also posted some new material at my own blog I'm off to Powell's Books for a signing in Portland (not their downtown store but in Beaverton). and then the official launch of the newest book A Mending at the Edge. Thanks for the support from so many at Women Writing the West. Jane