Wednesday, April 30, 2008

WWW Book Donations

Women Writing The West has donated 95 books by its authors to the Elbert Library in Elbert, Colorado. The books were delivered April 30 by Joyce Lohse, who has collected the books taken from the tradeshow trunks when new books were added. The Elbert Library is unique because it is both the Elbert School Library and the Elbert Public Library. The school library is open to the public after school and on Saturdays through the Elbert County Library District.

The collection includes both adult and juvenile fiction and nonfiction books, making it a great addition to the Elbert Library. The books will be displayed as a collection through the summer, and then the books will be merged onto the library shelves. This is the first Women Writing The West Collection in the United States. The books will be available for Inter-Library Loan throughout the state of Colorado. Joyce will continue to send books to the library from the trade show trunks as members send new books to her. When the library doesn't have room for any more, the WWW board will choose another library in the west to house the next collection.

Pictured Left To Right: Joyce Lohse, Administrator for Women Writing The West; Gayle Gresham, Elbert Public Librarian and Secretary of Women Writing The West; Shelly Gould, Elbert School Librarian; Kari Baumann, Director of Elbert County Library District; Jan Gabehart, Elbert Branch Manager; Kelli Loflin, Elbert School Superintendent.

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Doris McCraw said...

We should be very proud to have our name attached to such a woonderful project. What better way to share and improve the lives of readers than to give them the works to read. I know when I read an author I like I then chose to own the rest of their works.