Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July New Releases

Cities of Gold
by Shirley Raye Redmond

Kingdoms of power and great riches have long sparked the imaginations of people around the world. My new nonfiction book CITIES OF GOLD (part of Thomson Gale's MYSTERIOUS ENCOUNTERS series) has been released. Hardcover, $27. It examines all sorts of mysterious cities, from Prester John's kingdom in Asia Minor to the Seven Cities of Cibola in New Mexico to the elusive Incan treasure city of Paititi, which treasure seekers are still looking for today, usingsatellite imaging from space!

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Where Gable Slept
by Irene Bennett Brown

A contemporary mystery. Walking-tour guide and inn-keeper, Celia Landrey, must deal with a mysterious newcomer to town-a woman bent on destroying their most famous structure, a house where actor Clark Gable lived as a young man. Why? The small tourist town needs the draw of this beautiful Queen Anne Mansion to survive. Can the woman be stopped and does she have a connection to the recent death of the previous owner? With her beloved town in dangerous upheaval, there is no way Celia can stand idly by. 

"A delightful cozy mystery."--Award-winning mystery Alice Duncan.

"Irene Bennett Brown keeps the promise of her gifted writing and love for history inside this fine contemporary mystery. I loved it."--Jane Kirkpatrick, Award-winning author of An Absence So Great.

Published by Riveredge Books

Where Gable Slept can be purchased at and Riveredge Books