Thursday, July 31, 2008

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Joy of Research

As the summer months roll away I think of the time spent in libraries, museums and my own archives. Summer is typically a 'slower' time when the heat of the day causes us to take time off from our frantic activities. Usually as I sit with a glass of tea or water I think of what my next project will be, or if currently working on one what my next step will be. As I think through the possibilities I get excited again for what I do.

For me those times when I can put the diary or book from long ago in my hands I feel as if I am returning to that time. For my research into the history of an area or for my characters I portray that going back in time is essential. Whenever I get the chance to actually feel the old newspapers I get such a rush of joyful feeling. I am holding a piece of history that someone from that time also had in their hands. For me that is a great gift.

In this day of computers and online information I find sometimes I just want to go back and get the 'feel' of what may have happened in the earlier time. For those of us who recreate that past it is the gift we are giving to our readers or those of us who perform, our audience.

May this summer be a time of re-creating for all of you and have fun with those books, diaries and memories.

Doris McCraw