Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Short Story, part 3

Okay everyone here is the second days choices for the short story on the blog. You can make your choices for all four days up until Friday Jan 18, 2008. Just send your choices to with the choice in the subject line.

The idea today is "Some people look and see beauty, I look and see years of my life gone, gone for nothing."

2.1 Arlene spent her life taking care of her father and mother, who really did not care or love her, instead preferring her prodigal brother.

2.2 Mary, married to a cold, hard man feels that she has made a mistake and that her life will be for nothing, except for hard work, endless loneliness and despair.

2.3 Juliette has spent years working as a madam, trying to make a living and hating the thought of using others just to survive. She is now trying to make her peace with herself and those she used.

2.4 Kathleen, a very controlling mother, is left with the empty nest. She has just lost her husband, and now has to face what her children are going to do with the homestead that she can no longer maintain.

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