Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New book on the shelves

I’ve decided that November is a lovely time for a new book to be released. Readers are huddling inside bookstores, sipping coffee, looking for the perfect gift. My second time-travel romance, titled HERE WITH ME, appeared on bookstore shelves this week. It’s the story of a hero from 1888 Wyoming Territory who has time-traveled to present-day Napa Valley, California. Sheriff George Tyler intends for his stay to be short but that’s before he meets Melody Song. She’s pregnant, unmarried, and in desperate need of a man to pass off as her husband to her dying grandmother. Neither the sheriff nor Melody realize that someone is equally desperate to make sure that Melody and her unborn child do not survive her grandmother.

The first review of HERE WITH ME, posted on said, “Sometimes funny, Sometimes poignant; Always interesting” and gave it their highest rating, five out of five “books”.

For more information on this book, as well as my first book, STAY WITH ME, visit And check out the monthly contest, too.

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