Saturday, September 15, 2007

September Reading Group

The book discussion begins on September 15 -

Be sure to join in!!

Our September read features Velda Brotherton's creative non-fiction tome entitled, Fly With the Mourning Dove. You can purchase the book at

You can also read a bit of the book here:


In this, my ninetieth year, I’ve returned once again to the New Mexico ranch I’ll forever call home. To this day, I get a thrill out of topping the hill between the sagebrush flats and the Tusas River valley. In the early light of dawn, the adobe house waits in the shadows far below, and I hurry to reach it, the car’s tires clattering over the wooden bridge that spans the Tusas river. I park, get out and move through the yard. Over the Sangre de Cristos, the sky is splashed with a brilliant glow that spreads crimson over the mountains. In my valley the darkness retreats, stirs a breeze that touches my cheek. If I turn from the rising sun, quickly and without warning, I see those who’ve left me behind—Mom and Pop, my one and only love Calvin and our precious Ann. The shimmering morning light offers them, real and alive, their laughter echoing across the San Juans far to the west. A high desert painting where shades of ochre contrast sharply with dense umbers. The mournful song of the doves and the chatter of swallows swooping in to deposit small dabs of mud beneath the eaves of the stucco house, speak of another time. A time when my world was young and filled with hope. Continue by clicking here.

For more information about Velda and her other books, visit her website and her blog.

Our discussion begins on September 15, so please join us at the Women Writing the West Reading Group. Then click on This Month's Selections.

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