Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ready for the Conference?

Don't forget that the Women Writing the West Conference is next month!

I just heard on the news that teenagers are flocking to knitting like crazy, a new "mini trend" that might be something to weave into stories for teens and young adults. Who knew?

Chances are we might know such details and others as we gear up for the conference. I've had the fun of corresponding with winners and finalists and this year we have firmed five of the 7 Winners attending and many of the finalists. New books to pick up; new people to meet. I'm ready. Now if I can just get this manuscript finished before I fly it'll make that time a whole lot more fun.

Last year at the business meeting we asked what it was people wanted so we could be sure to include those things this year and someone said, "why are you worried? We have to come here, it's where many of us get our vitality for writing, where we find other people to support our efforts and get jazzed." I'm hoping to get jazzed again in Colorado Springs. The list of agents and editors should be going up soon but I know for sure that one of those editors was the editor for a WILLA winner. They know what they're looking for and think our members have it! So get your manuscripts ready, too! I hope you are too.

Jane Kirkpatrick

Award-winning author of 13 novels and two non-fiction books. A Tendering in the Storm, Book Two in the Change and Cherish Series (WaterBrook Press/Random House) is available now! Enjoy.

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