Monday, September 10, 2007

Blog Book Tours

Hi All,

Hi All, I'll be doing a blog tour in October, talking about ethnic knitting techniques, showing how to design a sweater from scratch (including yarns, colors, stitches, and sizing), and talking about how to get started in a freelance career as a writer, and how illustrations are created for a book, amongst other things. I will be visiting 21 blogs over a three-week period, so this is a great chance for you to check out a lot of blogs you may not have discovered yet. A list of the blogs I'll be visiting is on my blog.

You'll notice that the Women Writing the West blog is on my tour schedule, as are the blogs of several WWW members.

For full disclosure, the tour is part of a launch of my next book, Ethnic Knitting Discovery, but it's not only for those who might be interested in buying the book. Many of the articles will contain practical information and techniques for knitters and writers. I try to make my blog tours stand alone articles that are full of useful information, instead of just a bunch of book reviews.

I used a blog book tour at the launch of my previous book, Arctic Lace, and it shot up in the rankings at an amazing rate, and the first printing sold out before the official book pubication date. I'll be sharing my experiences in online marketing at the Boulder Writer's Alliance Annual Expo on September 24 in Boulder, Colorado, and will be teaching an in-depth class about blogging and web marketing for writers at the Women Writing the West Conference on October 19-21 in Colorado Springs.

I hope my successes in online marketing inspire you to try out some new techniques to promote your own books.

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