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Creative Non-Fiction

Creative Non-Fiction is a new genre that has the attention of authors who have traditionally stayed in the safe confines of their own genre, whether it is fiction or non-fiction. Many consider this new genre a hybrid of literature and non-fiction. One might also see reference to Creative Non-Fiction under the labels of Literary Non-Fiction, New Journalism and Literary Journalism.

It is indeed a bold step for non-fiction writers to loosen up their prose and write their tome as if they were writing fiction. And, it is equally challenging for authors of fiction to accomplish serious research and turn this research into an engaging story based on facts. Either way, it is evident that authors are excited about trying their hand at a new genre in which to write their stories. Members of Women Writing the West are exploring the possibilities, and in their discussions they have identified some of the authors who are leading the way in the Creative Non-Fiction field.

Two important books recommended by WWW members are:
In Fact, The Best of Creative Non-Fiction
Lee Gutkind

Gutkind is also editor of the journal, Creative Non-Fiction.

Also insturctive:

The Art of Fact, A Historical Anthology of Literary Journalism.

Creative Non-Fiction Books recommended by Women Writing the West members as good studies of the genre are:

Praying for Sheetrock by Melissa Greene

Young Men and Fire by Norman McClean

In cold Blood by Turman Capote

The Innocent Man by John Grisham

The Following Members of Women Writing the West write Creative Non-Fiction books.

Velda Brotherton,

Wandering In The Shadows of Time: An Ozarks Odyssey
A view of the Ozarks seen through the eyes of those who lived the hardships told by the author who returned to her home after years of wandering elsewhere.

Velda Brotherton is a native of Arkansas. She was raised in Wichita and lived in New York for a while but returned to Arkansas. Velda and her husband live on acreage in the Ozark National Forest. Velda is current working on a new book entitled, "Fly With The Mourning Dove."

Susan J. Tweit

The San Luis Valley: Sand Dunes and Sandhill Cranes, University of Arizona Press, 2005

Barren, Wild, and Worthless: Living in the Chihuahuan Desert, University of Arizona Press, 2003

Susan Tweit lives in the awe-inspiring San Louis Valley of Central Colorado. Susan’s books reflect her love for nature and the environment.

Sue Schrems

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