Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More Member Comments about Conference....

Here is some old and new members had to say about the conference:

I trust you all arrived home safely after the weekend in CO Springs. It was a joy to meet everyone and a blessing to take part in the great sessions held. Thank you all for your graciousness -- it was wonderful to be around so many talented, successful writers who share the same passion for the written word. I look forward to the conference next year, here again in CO Springs! May you all have a successful year of writing and publishing 'til then. What a terrific group this is.

Pamela Cosel
WWW Conference Bookstore Liaison - 2006

The conference was wonderful, awesome, inspirational!!! Thanks to all who worked so hard to make it possible. Thanks to the speakers and the panel presenters--great job.

I enjoyed the weekend so much, and the best part really is reconnecting with old friends from past conferences and making new ones. This is such a terrific group--Kudos to you all!!

Heidi Thomas
WWW Catalog Editor

I agree with others who've talked about the great conference in Colorado Springs. It was the most upbeat, positive, rewarding conference I've ever attended. Thanks no doubt to our great leader, Jane K. and her hardworking, wonderfully friendly crew. Thanks a bunch, you guys -- oops gals!

Irene Bennet Brown
WWW Member

Speaking for myself, this was a fantastic conference. They are all wonderful and each have had their spot of glory and special events. Members gathered, hugged, exchanged experiences, news, ideas, even a few shared disappointments, the thought ran through my head as I observed these exchanges: WWW Conferences are like a huge family reunion, without the squabbles. And, to my knowledge, this year brought the largest crowd yet. If that's incorrect please correct me, ok? Hopefully, we'll top that next year!

To all members who couldn't be there for whatever reason you were missed.

See you all next year, same time, same town, same location with a name change .

Priscilla A. Maine
WWW Treasurer

Hi! My name is Gayle Gresham and I am one of the newest members. I discovered Women Writing the West 2 weeks before the conference, and since I live near Colorado Springs, I mailed my registration and joined right away.

It was hard to walk into a conference where I didn't know a soul, but I was enveloped by the sweetest and most welcoming women. I was amazed that every officer (that I know of) of WWW made a point to stop and visit with me when they noticed the green dot on my name tag. Thank you for your sincere and generous spirits.

I know others are anxious for reports, so here is one from a newbie. I arrived Friday afternoon and immediately had 2 editor
appointments. Because of these I missed much of the programing. I did see quite a bit of the dramatic reading of Desert Dwellers Trilogy by Harriet Rochlin. It was very well done.

On Saturday, I attended Cyberspace and You by Donna and Rosemary. So interesting and informative. Even though I'm not a poet, I attended Wordsmiths Ho! by Peggy Godfrey and Jane Morton just because of their great personalities. I knew it would be fun and rich in the value of words. I was amazed by the women in the class who, when given an assignment, were able to write touching, honestly revealing poems in a few minutes time and courageously shared them with the class. Wow... The Memoir/Creative Nonfiction class by Shannon Applegate, Liz Duckworth and Dorothy Solomon was fascinating.

I couldn't return this morning, Sunday, because I had to sing and play guitar with my bluegrass group at church. I'm really sorry I didn't have a chance to tell many of you who I met good-bye. I am thrilled to be a part of this organization. And I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you.

Gayle Gresham
WWW New Member

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