Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It was a GREAT conference!!!

Compliments to all who helped make this year's Women Writing the West Conference so good. We enjoyed a dramatic reading from Harriet Rochlin's Desert Dwellers Trilogy books. It was a selection about pioneer Jews, performed by local actors and directed by a WWW member. It was terrific. Indeed I would love to see more of the same --- more poetry, more drama, more selected readings --- at future conferences.

It had been 30 years since I visited Colorado Springs and wow, has it grown a lot. (The pioneer museum we toured had a great display on Helen Hunt Jackson, the novelist).

BTW, for all who didn't come to the conference this year, think again about coming in 2007. Try to find a way to do so. You'll meet agents & editors as well as other members of WWW, and gain the support, inspiration, and tools you need as a writer of the West. It beats other, non-organizational writers conferences by ten miles. And if you're a WWW member, do think about using the listserve to get a roommate or a ride in order to cut expenses for next year again in Colorado Springs. I shared a ride with someone I hadn't met before, Heidi Thomas, and had a great time getting to know her and her writing (about oldtime rodeo gals who competed equally riding broncs with men, not in sex-segregated contests). Plan to come next year --- attending the conference is a valuable experience as well as an investment in yourself as writer. Ooooh, did I mention nonstop FUN ?

Penny Sidoli
WWW member in Santa Barbara

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