Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January Member News

Vella Munn, 26th Golden Science Fiction Megapack, Munn’s dream of her grandfather’s writing coming back to life has been realized with the release of  this e-book. Homer Eon Flint wrote fiction for the pulps before he was murdered at age 36. The MEGAPACK includes both his published material and the manuscripts Vella has long had in her possession. Included is Grandfather Lost, Vella’s biography about the man she never met.

Carol Caverly, All the Old Lions trilogy in e-format. Book 1, Thea Barlow, Chicago native and newly minted editor of Western True Adventures magazine is on her first assignment: prove her worth by getting the story of Halfway Halt, a defunct whorehouse in Hijax, Wyoming. Thea must dig deep to unravel the mysteries of Halfway Halt if she's to get the story…and survive. 

Paty Jager, Davis: Letters of Fate (Windtree Press) Widowed with two small children and a ranch to run, Mariella Swanson knows she needs help, but isn’t sure her heart, or neighbors, will accept her marrying a stranger. When Davis Weston receives a letter from his sister asking him to marry a friend, he scoffs at the idea. However, losing his wife and son has left him a lonely man. Guns and horses aren’t his forte. He’s willing to learn, but is he willing to love again? 

Linda Hasselstrom’s The Wheel of the Year: A Writer’s Workbook, (Red Dashboard Press) The book’s 16 essays link ordinary writing challenges with the natural world’s seasons and our daily chores. Writing suggestions are aimed toward guiding writers to topics that will allow them to conduct their own writing retreats at home for two full years. 

Karen Casey Fitzjerrell Forgiving Effie Beck has been listed by Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2015 in two categories: Best Historical Fiction and Best Vacation Read. The novel is about ordinary people trying to hold onto their dignity during the Great Depression. They couldn’t be bothered to care about elderly, eccentric Effie Beck - - until she disappears during a terrible storm.  


Linda Hasselstrom received one of four Rushmore Honors Awards from the Creative Industries Committee of the Rapid City Area Chamber of Commerce, given to individuals who have made significant contributions to community arts and culture. She runs Windbreak House retreats.


Carmen Peone said...

Congratulations to all the new authors and their books. What a fabulous selection!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! All great titles and authors. Having been part of Vella's long history in trying to get her father's story am SO pleased and excited for her! Wow -- inspiring. Again, congratulations!