Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Messages From the Past: Part IV

This final segment tells the “rest of the story” of my introduction to archival research.

by Teddy Jones
After immersing myself in those documents in the archive, I had gained additional knowledge of the group of intrepid women who were the real Sanctified Sisters. And beyond that, the questions formulated at the outset of my search for authentic voice were answered. 

From reading the numerous documents, I learned that Mrs. McWhirter was a very bright woman who had little formal schooling. By contrast, my character mentioned she was a reader and that she was concerned about her child’s receiving an education. Her words confirmed her care with language. For example, “I, Corrine Johnson Good, take pen in hand to set down some of the story of the Good women of Williamson County, Texas. On this same date, four years ago, 1876, six women left Bell County and traveled to Austin for legal purposes. Each of us, on the following day, in six separate courtrooms, legally changed from our several surnames to the name Good.”

I knew that a difference between the two voices would be the extent to which spelling and grammar would be correct—Mrs. McWhirter used incorrect verb forms frequently and some misspellings showed consistently. My character didn’t make those errors. Otherwise, sentence structure, rather formal, and tone of my character and the person in the archives were quite similar. Clearly, the grandmother’s voice, that dictation I received, fit time, place and other character attributes. Archival research assured me of its authenticity and, in the process, taught me that messages from the past, resting in archives, can benefit fiction.

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