Friday, July 06, 2012

July New Releases

The Dividing Season
By Karen Casey Fitzjerrell

The Dividing Season a retrospective tale of how a group of people coped with the pitfalls of living on the cusp of a new era in American History. Trail riding days are all but over in 1910 West Texas, the Mexican Revolution crossed the border onto privately owned land, drought nearly choked the life out of the cattle industry and oil discovered in East Texas. Spinster Nell Miggins, the story's central character, realizes she can no longer manage her ranch the way it has been for the last three generations. Not knowing what else to do, she makes the guilt ridden decision to "sell out." Before she can start sale preparations a couple of archeologists, who've been attacked by Mexican bandits, show up in need of shelter, a windmiller, carrying sorrow like a pack animal, arrives to repair a windmill essential to ranch operations and a smelly nere-do-well from Alabama is the only man available to help trail her herd to the railhead.

Nell holds to her plan in spite of the complications and ends up in dire circumstances far "from anyone who knows her history."

WKMA Publishing

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 Flight For Life
By Stephy Smith

Confronted by a stranger threatening her, Zaidee Rogers flees her home to escape the murderous hands of the man she witnessed kill her brother. Poising as Flora Reese, a school teacher by profession she meets Joseph Solomon.   
Joseph Solomon couldn’t get the gorgeous redhead out of his mind. His gut instinct told him she was running from something. Joseph comes up with an idea to draw out Flora’s enemies.
Will his plan of her death work to bring the killers down? Can he teach Zaidee to trust and start a new life…in his arms?
Publisher: Astraea Press
Flight For Life can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Astraea Press.

Learnin' The Ropes
By Shanna Hatfield

Out of work mechanic Ty Lewis is homeless and desperate to find work. Answering a classified ad for a job in Harney County, Oregon, Ty accepts when he is offered the position. Saying goodbye to his sister and his life in Portland, he heads off to the tiny community of Riley to begin a new adventure, unsure about his boss Lex Ryan, a man he has yet to speak with or meet.
Lexi Ryan, known to her ranch hands and neighbors as Lex Jr., leaves a successful career in Portland to keep the Rockin’ R Ranch running smoothly after the untimely death of her father. It doesn’t take long to discover her father did a lot of crazy things during the last few months before he died, like hiding half a million dollars that Lexi can’t find.
Ty and Lexi are both in for a few surprises as he arrives at the Rockin’ R Ranch and begins learnin’ the ropes.

Self published - June 27, 2012

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