Thursday, April 23, 2009

Writers Conferences

Most of us have been to a writers conference to two. We have enjoyed ourselves and made new contacts. We use the trip as a business expense. Still why do we really attend these conferences? The answer for me is networking and a chance to learn something about this industry. Many of us are great and soon to be great writers. Some of us are adept at the business of writing. For myself, I enjoy networking and finding new ways to get people to notice my work and by connection to notice me.

I attended the one day session at the PPW conference in Colorado Springs on advanced marketing. A number of the writers were shy or shall I say quiet about their works. Of course when you ask about what they were doing, then the floodgates opened. For myself, I had no problem with talking about what I did. I also know that as an actor I have an advantage. I don't care if people think I look a fool. What I have to say is not foolish and the best way to get people to notice what I have to offer is to get noticed.

So why writers conferences? To learn from others and to have others learn from me. That is the best of both worlds.

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