Monday, April 06, 2009

Venturing into Texas

With my latest book set in Minnesota, the "northwest" region in 1907, I've taken the plunge to travel to Texas to promote it. May not seem like much of a connection there but there is. The story, A Flickering Light is based on my grandmother's life as an early photographer and some of the descendants of a main character in the book -- the wife of a man she fell in love with -- live in Plano Texas and are planning to come to the signing. I'll have a PowerPoint of some of the photographs used in the novel and a few others from the glass plate collection I have. I hope some of you in the area will come by. The second event centers on quilts and crafts as narratives. Did you know that we get the word "craft" from the Greek word poema meaning poem. And isn't that what a craft is, the essence of a people, an experience, a story. Join me so I'm not all alone in Texas!

May 26, Legacy Books, 7:30 PM, Plano, Texas.

May 31, Dallas Heritage Village, 2:30, Dallas Texas. I'll be sharing the story of Aurora: An American Experience in Quilt, Community, and Craft.

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