Friday, February 01, 2008

WWW Member Book Announcement!

The Books Are Here!

Two hundred copies of my biography — Nancy Love and the Women Ferry Pilots of World War II — arrived at our house a week ago, just as I was packing to fly to Texas to give a paper on a related subject. I stuffed 10 in the suitcase and sold them all!

Now I begin six months of book programs and signings scheduled around the country — from Cleveland to San Diego, from Lakeland Florida to Oshkosh Wisconsin. All of the venues are aviation-related.

One of my well-connected aviation friends is planning a Book Launch for Valentine’s Day here in Dayton.

Nancy Love was born on February 14, 1914, and would be 94 this year, had she lived. My friend is planning a Birthday Party for Nancy — complete with cake — on the 14th to introduce the book to the Dayton Ohio aviation community. And another friend is planning a wine and cheese / book party for our friends and neighbors here in suburban Centerville in April. She did this for me when the WASP novel FLIGHT FROM FEAR came out 6 years ago.

Amazon is carrying the book as a PRE-ORDER item. My publisher the University of North Texas Press — — has it posted now. I have laid in a supply of purple signing pens and can accommodate anyone who wants a signed copy. The official release is scheduled for March.

I’m in the process of setting up a new website. We hope to have it up by Valentine’s Day, but we may not make it. For future reference: Give it a couple of weeks and then try visiting it.

Nancy Love was the founder and commander of the Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron — the first 28 women to fly airplanes for the U.S military in World War II. When the WAFS grew into the WASP, Nancy became the leader of the WASPs flying for the Army’s Ferrying Division. This book is a sequel to my first book, THE ORIGINALS, the history of the WAFS with mini-bios on each of the 28.

Needless to say, I’m excited. Finally I have the book — a six-year-long project — in my hands.

Sarah Byrn Rickman

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