Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Short Story Continued

As we came into Silver Cliff I did look at those mountains. They were tall, taller than the buildings in Chicago. They looked so much more substantial than anything I had seen. They could be a guidepost to the future or crush you with their majesty. As for the town it was so small. I voiced my concern to Elsie, "How are we going to make living here?"

"We will just have to find work. You could put your music education to work and teach others how to play an instrument or sing."

"How do you know people would even want to spend money on a luxury when it looks like most people here are just getting by. Look at those houses and where are we going to stay?"

"Listen Ruth, we made the decision to come out here and now that we are here we will just make the best of it."

As usual Elsie was right, but I did have my misgivings. I really did wonder how we, two single women were going to make a go of it here. This town was so small, so new. What would people think of us.

"Well Ruth, get ready to take on a new adventure," Elsie said as she jumped from our coach.

The first glimpse I had was of men starring at Elsie, she did that to them, and she just smiled and turned to get her bags. I followed close behind and we went toward what appeared to be a hotel. As we entered an oriental gentleman was walking out and nodded a greeting.

"See everyone is friendly, you have nothing to worry about."

"You know Elsie, every time you say that I have the strangest feeling that I should be worrying and plenty."

Comments: As I have thought of these two during the last week or so I felt that I needed to continue the friendship but add the difference of opinion the two had about the experience they were having. At the same time, I am also working to try to add some forwarning of what may come. How indeed were they to make a go of it in this new town. Come back soon and I may have the answer.

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