Sunday, April 29, 2007

entering the blog age

I finally have a blog in no small part because of the support of Women Writing the West. Why is it that new things tend to increase our anxiety -- or at least they do mine. I'm always wondering how women used to do it, take on new tasks without ever having the certainty of the outcome. Well, the reality is, we're all living in a wilderness at times looking for new information and trying very hard to discover how to take the next steps. In the writing life, blogging is "a step" I've taken and I'm grateful to the women and men who stepped before me who made it possible. Now we'll see what it does for reader connection. That's my hope for this blog, at least, to stay connected to readers as well as to other writers. Come visit my blog It's called Harvests of Starvation Lane and my writing life has surely been a harvest for me. Jane Kirkpatrick,

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