Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Overcoming Your Inner Introvert

By Brenda Moguez

If you're a creative person following a passion, you've come to the harsh realization attracting fans to your own Field of Dreams isn't quite as simple as building it--the it being your blog, your INDY book, your paintings, your poems, or the handmade jewelry you've invested countless hours creating. All Ray Kinsella had to do was build the field, and they came.

From the moment I decided to release the voice in my head onto the page I expected the masses would flock to my site and devour my words eagerly.  It was shocking to learn to write a book wasn't the hardest part of becoming a writer. Writing, as it turns out, is actually the easiest part of being a writer. What was/is the most challenging aspect was/is shedding my natural loner/shy inclination. How to break down my barriers, quite frankly, has challenged me, even woke me at 3 am.
Unlike other closet introverts, I am not enamored with social media. Honestly, there is the issue of time and my lack of it. Social media hasn’t liberated me. I prefer up close and personal intimacies, thrive in the space I inhabit inside of my imagination and absolutely love the quiet time when I am inventing.

I know there are others out there in the vast universe who are like me. We would probably be besties if we weren't so circumspect, but…well, we haven't taken the plunge, batted our eyelashes and said, "Hey, do wanna chat, maybe share digits, even write a blog post together.”  Oh to be so daring, so bold and brazen.  If you are out there and looking for a kindred spirit…

Until I find you, here is a guideline on how to overcome your own quirky self and be less shy:

1.      Allow your inner confident self to shine.
2.      Use your voice to express the thoughts you’re thinking, don't fret if someone disagrees. An opinion, is just that, a person's point of view. Conflict can be creative. 
3.      When nervous about stepping outside of your comfort zone, remind yourself what you have accomplished to date.
4.      The next time you are staring down the Twitter window: Go for it, share your quirkiness with Twitterdom, tell them how you feel about Miss Piggy and Kermit's breakup and Mr. Trump's hair fashion.
5.      Take a deep breath and then let go of what you think you can't do. Also, don't be disappointed when whatever you say or do goes unnoticed. Trial and error, baby. Modify.  Be prepared to edit.
6.      There is no wrong way to be you--the right way is whatever you decide.
7.      Put it out there--tell the world you have a little stage fright when it comes to tooting your own horn.
8.      Confess what you have always believed: Passion is meant to be shared and spent freely, never hoarded or wasted. Share yours, now.
9.      And finally, don't worry, be happy. In the grand scheme of things your reserve is part of who you are and when ready you will overcome whatever it is that holds you inside and your inner self will break free.

What is the hardest obstacle you've had to overcome?

Brenda Moguez writes the kind of stories she loves to read, women’s fiction and contemporary romance, staring quirky, passionate women, who are challenged by the fickleness of life and the complexities of romantic relationships. She’s particularly drawn to exploring the effects of love on the heart of a woman. Her forte is stripping away the protective layers concealing their doubts and insecurities and exposing the soul of her beautifully flawed characters. She's the author of Loving is Good and Nothing is Lost in Loving.


Susan J Tweit said...

Great post, Brenda! I especially appreciated that you showed your quirkiness and your passion in writing the list of suggestions for overcoming our inner introverts. Thanks for sharing this. :)

Chill N said...

"Take a deep breath and then let go of what you think you can't do."

Super advice, Brenda! An enjoyable read. Thanks :-)

Nancy C