Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February Member News

Congratulations to all on your hard work and successes!

Victoria Pann, Only the Mountains (Trailside Publishing) In the west of 2546, when the western US has gone back to more primitive times, Kayta's airship crashes and she is taken by an indigenous tribe, the Wrocks, descendants of Crow Indians. Struggling in her new life, she meets a handsome and arrogant Wrock who propels her into the grandeur and unforgiving harshness of the wilderness, into a lifestyle moored by the particulars of a hunter-gatherer existence, where they find sacrifice, humor, monumental grief, and the victories of hard-won love.

Paty Jager, Isaac: Letters of Fate The last thing Isaac Corum needs or wants is a snooty woman. But he can’t let her go traipsing off into the mountains alone. 
Marsha Ward, The Zion Trail On a hot summer day, young Elijah Marshall stops plowing to give a drink of water to two strangers and invite them to lunch with his family. His neighborly act sets in motion events that will drastically change his future.  In a 19th century coming-of-age story ranging from Pennsylvania to the Great Salt Lake Valley, Elijah plunges into harrowing adventures filled with sorrow, danger, and romance. 

Shanna Hatfield, The Cowboy's LastGoodbye (Grass Valley Cowboys, Book 6) Ben Morgan has no problem safeguarding his heart until he meets a sweet woman determined to ignore his considerable charms.  Harper Hayes knows the very last thing she needs is the entanglement of a relationship, especially with a handsome cowboy like Ben Morgan. However, their hearts, her uncle, and a military dog have other ideas…

Shanna Hatfield, Valentine Bride Two unlikely matchmakers set the stage for love... Take two wacky old women, a sweet girl, and a handsome cowboy then stir in trouble for a fun, sweet romance.

Julie Weston, MOONSHADOWS has been shortlisted in the May Sarton Literary Awards for historical fiction at the Story Circle Network. A photographer's aspirations take her West in the 1920s, right into a mysterious murder case.  The small town is clearly hiding many secrets, and if Nellie can't uncover them, the next corpse may be hers.


Shanna Hatfield said...

So fun to be included in a list with such great authors. Thank you!

Alice Trego said...

Amazing accomplishments from some amazing WWW member authors! Brava!

Marsha Ward said...

Thanks for including my new book in the list, Heidi. It will come out in print in March, for those who like to hold a book in their hands.