Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December Member News

Books make wonderful gifts!

Linda Shuler, Hidden Shadows. Cassie Brighton, devastated by the death of her husband, flees to a remote homestead in the rugged Texas Hill Country. Alone in a ramshackle farmhouse steeped in family secrets, Cassie wages a battle of mind and heart as she struggles to overcome the sorrows of her past, begin anew, and confront the possibility of finding love again. Hidden Shadows is a story of healing, of connection: to the land, to our ancestors, to others, to ourselves – and to the redemptive power of love. 

Penny Sidoli, Stolen Moments for Art. This collection of poems reflect people in Penny’s life, men and women, and the environment, the pondering, the moments of grace and mystery. It illuminates the beauty in our world and highlights the dreams, mundane tasks and extraordinary challenges of our daily lives. 

Natalie Bright, “A Cowboy’s Christmas Blessing” is included in West Texas Christmas Stories, an anthology (Abilene Christian University Press) of more than 30 heart-warming and humorous Christmas stories—all set in West Texas or by West Texas writers. 

M.M. Justus Reunion, the second “Tale of the Unearthly Northwest”.  Lost in Time. In 1910 unemployed teacher Claudia Ogden has nowhere to go. She decides to bet her life on the rumor of a job in a remote town called Conconully.  But when she arrives and is hired, what at first seem like small eccentricities loom ever more inexplicably, mysteries that make no sense. That is, until she meets Conconully’s accidental magician, who wants her to save them. But from what?

Doris McCraw, writing as Angela Raines, Angel of Salvation Valley. Given a chance at freedom for a crime he didn't commit, Drew Carson must kill for his pardon. Taken to a lush valley where a beautiful woman lives, Luke, Drew's "rescuer", lets him know that the woman is his target--kill her, and he's a free man. But there's something strange about the valley. Time stands still, and nothing is as it seems. Will Drew trade murder for love? 

Doris/Angela also has a short story “Lost Night, in the anthology One Christmas Knight, a collection of Christmas stories from the medieval time period.

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