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July Member News


Arletta Dawdy, Rose of Sharon. Orphaned, lost and in need of family, Rose of Sharon finds hope only to lose it again with the mental illness of her new mother, attempted murder, an inter-racial love affair and abandonment; Rose’s paranormal and writing gifts set her apart.

Roni McFadden, second edition of The Longest Trail with additional text, and full-color photos. “Ride along with young Roni as she discovers the lessons of the ancient spirits of mountains, deserts and horses – a wonderful coming-of-age tale in a magnificent setting.” 

Deanna Dickinson McCall, Rough Patches, a new collection of short fiction centered on women in the historical and contemporary American West. Shaped by challenging circumstances as well as the equally demanding landscapes they inhabit, her characters exhibit a brand of strength instantly recognizable to readers fortunate enough to know true "women of the West." Against long odds, McCall's protagonists courageously stare down adversity - sexism, illness and the unimaginable dangers of both the frontier era and modern-day ranch country. 

Evelyn Searle Hess, Building a Better Nest tracks the building of our first house after sixteen years of modified camping, as it explores ways to live lightly, to honor wildlife habitat, and to connect with and respect the local and world community. I probe the lives of my ancestors, and lessons of history, economics and Buddhist thought for clues of how best to live in a time of economic inequality and environmental crises. Released June 1, Building a Better Nest can be ordered online or by mail from Chicago Distribution Center, 11030 S. Langley Ave., Chicago ILL, 60628 / FAX: 800-621-8476 or in person from your favorite independent book seller.


Several of our members have been nominated as finalists in the Will Rogers Medallion Award, which recognizes excellence in Western literature and media.  The awards ceremony will be held in Fort Worth, Texas, on October 24.

B.J. Scott, The Rail Queen, is a finalist in the 2015 Will Rogers Medallion Awards. Montana, 1884. Seventeen-year old schoolgirl Ryka Sundstrom dreams of doing what no girl ever has—build a railroad. The Rail Queen weaves through the awakening of the American railroad as it knits together the strands of empire from Atlantic to Pacific—even as every mile of new track speeds the vanishing of the American frontier, and of the brief age when anything was possible—even for a young schoolgirl with an extraordinary dream. The Rail Queen is the fifth in the Tales of Strong Women series of historical novels by B J Scott.  

Alethea Williams, Wallsfor the Wind was nominated for the Will Rogers Medallion for (Western) romance. Can an angel survive Hell on Wheels? Kit Calhoun leaves New York City with a train car full of foundlings from the Immigrant Children’s Home. Her assignment is to sever ties, so she has no idea of the tangled threads of connection that await her in Dakota Territory. First is what to do with the leftover children who simply refuse placement. Second is handsome Patrick Kelley, continually managing to distract Kit from her task. Third is the demented gambler who fastens deadly attention on Kit and keeps turning up everywhere from Julesburg to Cheyenne.
Forced to leave behind everything familiar, is it possible for a company of New York City castoffs to learn to fight for their hopes in the raw new American West?

Cynthia Leal Massey, author of Death of a Texas Ranger, A True Story of Murder and Vengeance on the Texas Frontier, is a finalist for the Will Rogers Medallion Award for Western Nonfiction. A story of the murder of Texas Ranger John Green by Cesario Menchaca, one of three Rangers of Mexican descent under Green’s command. Immediately word spread that the killing may have been the botched outcome of a contract taken out on Menchaca’s life by the notorious Gabriel Marnoch, a local naturalist who had run up against the law himself. But was it?

Nancy Oswald, Trouble on the Tracks (Filter Press), a partner book to Rescue at Poverty Gulch, a Ruby and Maude Adventure set in Cripple Creek in 1896.  In this book, Ruby and Maude come face to face with the notorious, Jake Hawker. Miss Sternum is arrested and Trouble, a cat with an attitude, endears itself to Ruby and Maude. Ruby learns more than she ever wants to know about Pinkertons, outlaws, disguises, and train rides, and her life is held in a balance as Pa reconsiders his courtship of Miss Sternum in order to give Ruby a “proper” upbringing. Also available on Amazon.   

EDITOR'S NOTE: Any WWW member with a new book release or an award is welcome to feature your book here in our monthly Member News blog (usually published on a Wednesday mid-month). email with a short (2-3 sentence) blurb, a jpeg of the cover by attachment, and your buy-link. Thanks and congratulations to our fabulous authors this month!

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