Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Eight Reasons to Come Home to Colorado

 by Carmen Peone
Why come home to Colorado? There are eight reasons why, but first let’s get acquainted with the what behind the why. Women Writing The West is a Non-profit organization for writers at all levels founded twenty years ago in Denver by two talented and driven writers who had a vision that included the Women’s West. West of the Mississippi that is. They gathered a flock of writers with dreams and inspiration who did not fear hard work and birthed this wondrous organization.

This year, the annual conference will be hosted forty-five miles from Denver in the town of Golden which is nestled against the majestic Rocky Mountains. The conference is October 16-19, 2014 with pre-conference sessions at The Table Mountain Inn and regular conference sessions held at The Golden Hotel.

So again, why come home to Colorado? Here are eight reasons to attend the 2014 WWW conference:
1.      This year there is a pre-conference on Thursday October 16th with three sessions to choose from: So You Want to Write and publish; Submit-in-Advance Critique; and On-the-Spot Critique feedback. Editors, writers, and teachers will be available to teach and coach works in progress. 

2.    Friday and Saturday, October 17 and 18, will be filled with more than twenty breakout sessions to kindle and spark all things writing. Sessions touch on: place and character, fiction craft, collaboration through writing communities, social media, marketing swap and shop, women’s fiction, ePublishing, research, personal experience, and self-publishing.   

3.      Editors and Agents. Here is an opportunity to pitch a complete fiction manuscript or non-fiction proposal face to face with a warm body. You may be trembling at the thought of climbing in the wagon with a live human and sharing your work. But trust me, this is where most authors put flint to rock and spark a connection. 

4.      Founders luncheon honoring the original founding members of Women Writing the West.  This will be an opportunity to meet and thank those who breathed life into this remarkable organization. 

5.      Special Screening of the feature film Cherokee Word for Water based on a book written by the late Wilma Mankiller, the first woman chief of the Cherokee Nation. 

6.      LAURA Awards Dinner and WILLA Awards Banquet to honor contest winners. Keynote speakers include Sandra Dallas, founding member, and Susan Witting Albert, author of A Wilder Rose

7.      Sunday will conclude the conference with High Tea at the Briarwood Inn in Golden where historical dress is encouraged.

8.      Book signing event featuring Women Writing the West published authors and the WILLA Award winners and finalists.

I have been in WWW for almost two years and have already gleaned mounds of inspiration, advice, and connections. I will be in Golden and hope to meet you there for the 20th Anniversary Coming Home WWW conference—an event you won’t want to miss. See you there!


Anonymous said...

It's always rewarding to meet with this great group of writers. I can't wait for the Founders Luncheon.

judy said...

It sounds like the venue will be majestic; the topics timely, varied, and on-the-mark; interactions lively. I am signed up and hope to meet many of you.

Alice Trego said...

I'm looking forward to being in Golden, CO, for the 20th Anniversary of WWW! The venue will surely bring inspirations of all kinds to all the attendees...

Mary E. Trimble said...

Well stated, Carmen. I'm looking forward to attending this year's conference. I haven't missed a conference since my first in 1998 when it was held in my own stomping grounds, Seattle.