Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Helping Each Other With Social Media

by Heidi M. Thomas

We belong to a wonderful, supportive group in WWW, and no one cheers louder when one of us signs a contract, gets an agent, publishes a book or receives an award.

But how many of us go that extra step to help our fellow authors get the word out beyond WWW’s perimeters?

I know, we are all so, so very busy trying to keep up with our own

writing schedules and marketing efforts—how can we put one more morsel on our plates?

It’s really quite simple. Most blogs have the social media icons available, and all you have to do is hit Google+, Facebook, or Twitter and it’ll post for you (if you’re
signed in).

And when you’re procrastinating (you?—Never!) by scrolling through Facebook, when you see a book launch or announcement by a fellow WWWer, hit “Share”. That way, her announcement will go out to all the people who follow you. And if one or two of your followers also hit “Share”, and so on, it might start something viral. You just never know what benefits will come back when you “pay it forward.”

It really only takes a few seconds, so especially with our WWW blog
and the posts on our Facebook page, please help each other out by hitting the button.

Heidi M. Thomas is the author of the “Cowgirl Dreams” trilogy, with the third book, Dare to Dream, being released May 6. Heidi is also a freelance editor, is the WWW blog coordinator, and writes her own blog, as well as regular spots for the Blood Red Pencil editing blog and the VBT Writers on the Move blog.


Kathleen Rice Adams said...

Heidi, I've found Triberr to be an immense help in sharing posts. The interface display links to posts written by all the people in the "tribes" (groups) to which you belong, and all you have to do is click "share" on the ones you want to share with your friends on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a couple of other networks. One click, and you share with all your networks.

Perhaps we could start a tribe for WWW? :-)

Mary E. Trimble said...

You make a good point, Heidi. We can do a lot to help each other. I plan to look for ways to follow up on your suggestions.

Heidiwriter said...

Thanks for your suggestion, Kathleen. I'll have to look into that.

Kaye Spencer said...

Triberr is a good platform for getting blog posts out to the reading public. A tip, though, for 'helping' your posts when they go out to Twitter:

Log into Triberr and edit your post by adding hastags (#) to the title. The hastags really help get your post into categories that people can find and read easier.