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October New Book Releases

Lady In The Making
By Susan Page Davis

Millie Evans has changed, choosing to leave rather than join an outlaw gang with her brother. Hoping for a new future, she boards a stagecoach and finds that one of the passengers is David Stone—a man she and her brother once tried to swindle. As she tries to convince David she’s different now, her brother’s gang holds up the stagecoach. Fighting beside David goes a long way toward softening his heart, but he’s still not convinced. Someone is trying to keep him from reaching England to claim his inheritance. Is Millie involved? Millie must trust God to show David the truth, but will he see before it’s too late?

Published by Barbour Publishing

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Lady In The Making can be purchased on Amazon Kindle, in paperback at Amazon, and in paperback (and soon on Nook) at Barnes and Noble


What You Wish For
By Janet Dawson

WHAT YOU WISH FOR. Lindsey Page is about to discover the wisdom in that old saying: Be careful what you wish for, you might get it. Her estranged daughter shows up on her doorstep. The immigrant woman Lindsey is interviewing for a book seeks help in finding her son, who was stolen from her during a massacre in her village in El Salvador and who has now turned up in Berkeley. And Lindsey, who has known her friends Annabel, Claire, and Gretchen since they shared a house in Berkeley back in the 1970s, discovers that she doesn't really know them at all. Secrets long hidden are unraveling, and before it's over Lindsey will learn some unpleasant truths.

Published by Perseverance Press

What You Wish For can be purchased at Amazon


Liberty's Christmas 
By Randall Platt

A red-haired girl in search of an education, a draft horse in search of one last chance, a broken-down tractor in search of a missing gear, and a Mexican- American boy in search of a home join forces in a time when nothing was king - the Great Depression.

Published by Texas Tech University Press

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Liberty's Christmas can be purchased at bookstores and everywhere online. 


The Whip
By Karen Kondazian

Charley Parkhurst (1812-79) was one of the finest stage coach drivers Wells Fargo had during the dangerous gold rush days. But there's one thing Wells Fargo never knew about Charley: Charlotte was a woman.

In her fiction debut, actress Kondazian (The Actor's Encyclopedia of Casting Directors) dares to imagine the life such a dedicated disguise artist might have lived. Mistreated in an orphanage and sent to live in the stables, where she learned all there was to know about horses, fictional Charley grows up to be a servant in a boardinghouse. When she falls in love with an African American blacksmith, she is ostracized. And when her husband is lynched and her only daughter killed, Charley dresses as a man to apply for work with a stage coach company, aces the hands-on audition, and is sent west. She learns to swear, gamble, and smoke, and her life as a "whip" rewards her well. Yet underneath all the swagger and staunchness, Charley is a broken soul in many ways. VERDICT This quick-paced, wily tale is a fascinating blend of both fact and fiction that is sure to engage Western and historical fiction fans and readers who enjoyed Gerald Kolpan's Etta.
--Keddy Ann Outlaw, LIBRARY JOURNAL, November 2011

Take it from someone who's had firsthand experience with great art exploring the human spirit in a Western setting: Karen Kondazian's The Whip is just that. This is a story that cries out through its adventurous surroundings a call from deep in the human heart, a call for understanding, for love, for identity and it does so through the skill of a magnificent writer. (It also cries out to be a movie. It's that rich, visual, and dramatic.) --Jim Beaver, star of HBO's Deadwood and author of Life's That Way

Published by Hansen Publishing Group, LLC, ©2012

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The Whip can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iTunes 

The Whip will be available in audiobook format November 1st, 2012 on and iTunes, and performed by award-winning actress Robin Weigert, best known for her role as Calamity Jane on HBO's Deadwood.


By Grace
By Arletta Dawdy

BY GRACE traces the heroic journey of young Grace Pelham as she travels geographically and psychologically into the Far West of the late 1890’s. Following her father’s death, she leaves Albany on a quest to find her vocation and stumbles into unexpected troubles and rewards. Thrust out on her own, she must escape the threat and murderous accusations posed by her benefactress’ nephew. With changing identities, fearsome obstacles and personal challenges along the way, Grace profoundly affects and is affected by Louis Comfort Tiffany, a married man and his family, a lost child, Jane Addams, a male-dressing horse woman/prospector, a rigid minister and his tightly corseted wife, the Irish mob, and Chinese friends. When her nemesis confronts her in a syphilitic haze, threatening to kill her and a loved one, Grace prevails. Her signatory “By Grace” is applied to her jewelry designs. The Blue Opals of southeastern Arizona’s Huachuca Mountains promise opportunity and a new life.
Published by CreateSpace POD September 6, 2012 September 19, 2012 by Kindle

By Grace can be purchased at Amazon 

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