Tuesday, June 07, 2011

June New Releases

Married Into It
by Patricia Frolander

Vivid, honest, and full of the beautiful clarity of hard won expression, these are poems that will change the way the world thinks about women in ranching. Beneath the tough conditions and unrelenting work of western ranch life lie unbreakable threads of tenderness and conviction, ones that tie working hands to stalwart hearts, and observant minds to the absolute soul of the Earth.”

** Laurie Wagner Buyer, author of When I Came West

Published by High Plains Press

Available at bookstores or direct from publisher at


Page Lambert said...

So thrilled for my dear friend Pat! We share many memories and love the same landscapes. These poems remind me why.

Page Lambert

Anonymous said...

The right words leave me when I try to express the admiration and pride I feel for this woman I call my mother and friend. Find a quiet spot, get the tissues and walk with her through her journey. You will experience laughter & tears, sorrow & strength, tragedy & triumph. Simply said, this book is as beautiful as she is.

Love you, Mom.....
Rebecca Hughes

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I rarely read poetry but I have cried, laughed, and sighed through this book. These poems are amazing! I can hardly wait to buy Pat's other book of poetry.

Sandy Houser

Anonymous said...

Married Into It is a marriage of grace and grit. In her poetry, the author embodies all the desirable qualities of women of the land and the West. Her poems give me solace and inspiration for the future personally, and for our Country.

Norma Stephenson

Jim said...

Such an honest book of poetry. You can feel the sweat,the wrinkled brow, the hard work, the love of land and mate, damn good book of poems. Bought one for my daughter, a city rancher.

Jimmy C.

Anonymous said...

Jane said...

I am really enjoying this book. It gives me a wonderful insight to the joys and sorrows experienced by ranchers and those living in the American West. The description of the landscapes sounds like it is definitely God's country.

Hope you write another book soon.