Monday, July 06, 2009

July New Releases

The Trial of Oliver Lee and James Gililland
By W. Michael Farmer

A Novel Based On A True Story
It is Pat Garrett’s last big case. An eight-year old  boy is murdered. A deadly shootist is accused By Yankee Republicans, defended By Texas Democrats. The evidence is all circumstantial. The territory claims a murder conspiracy by the defendants. The defendants claim a territorial conspiracy for an unjust verdict. A wrong move by either side and blood will flow. New Mexico statehood will be set back fifty years. It is The trial of the century. 

“Conspiracy offers a dramatic, realistic take on a chapter of 

American western history that is often neglected; and with the 

presence of Pat Garrett, slayer of Billy the Kid, that seems 

impossible. W. Michael Farmer’s recreation of the tense and tragic 

events surrounding the ultimate betrayal of the frontier ideal reads like the great novel it is, with all the tantalizing detail of thoroughly Researched history.” 

Loren D. Estleman, author 

Of The Branch and The Scaffold                              

”Conspiracy crackles with tension and intrigue as the Old West comes to life. You can smell the leather and hear the gunshots in the air as you read. It's a truly fun historical work.” 

Christine Barber, author 

Of The Replacement Child 

Published by Sundowners, A Division of Treble Heart Books

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