Tuesday, November 04, 2008

October and The Conference

What an amazing month October has been. Looking at the new releases from our members and having met so many others at the conference in San Antonio, I am still in awe of all we are accomplishing. If we only get ten people to rethink the west and our part in its beginings and its continued growth we are making progress. When I say ten, I mean ten per person. There is so much we have and continue to provide to this place we call the west.

As I made the drive from Colorado to San Antonio and back I had many hours to let my mind take it's journey into what it means to be a writer and perfomance artist. I can only say that the people I have met and continue to meet grow me into an even greater creative person. Whether I ever have a novel published or an album released I know that I will always be welcomed. Even as I take the time to write this bit, I am in the throes of the 'nanowrimo' commitment, due to my connections with this orginization.

I am also looking forward to taking over the newsletter, learning how that works and sharing what all of you have to offer over time.

Thank you to everyone. It has been and continues to be a pleasure.

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