Friday, September 05, 2008

September New Releases

Colorado Scenic Byways
Taking the Other Road
Text By Susan J. Tweit
Photographs By Jim. Steinberg

Colorado's Governor Ritter has chosen Colorado Scenic Byways: Taking the Other Road, Susan J. Tweit's latest collaboration with photographer Jim Steinberg, as his "personal gift" for the 30 Democratic governors attending the Democratic National Convention in Denver. The two-volume set of books details the sights and stories of Colorado's twenty-five byway routes, from the ruler-straight roads crossing the expansive plains to the oft-overlooked foothills, and from the Jeep trails ascending to nosebleed heights in the high peaks to the vivid canyon country of western Colorado. Colorado Scenic Byways is due to be released in September, when Tweit and Steinberg will criss-cross the state doing book-signings. (Check for a signing near you.) Tweit says the duo is "thrilled" by the Governor's choice.

Published by Portfolio Publications


By Irene Bennett Brown

Laila Mitchell has little money, her medical knowledge, a medicine kit, and the clothes on her back when she sets out to search for her last living relatives in 1890's Oregon.

Stranded in the Snake River Canyon, she settles into a small mining community named Venture and from there she serves as practical nurse to scattered miners and settlers. Laila is soon entangled in the hardships of frontier life, guardianship of a "wild child" and reluctant attraction to peach rancher and hotel owner, Ash Corbett. As she faces problems with courage and verve, a magical, never-dreamed-of future opens. Which can be hers, if only she can let go of her heart-breaking past.


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