Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Newest Newsletter Hits Cyberspace

Have you had a chance to read through the Spring 2008 Women Writing the West Newsletter? It's all there in living color, with a stockpile of articles from Jane Kirkpatrick, Kathleen Ernst, Susan J. Tweit, and many other WWW members.

Sherry Monahan touches on the Ten Tips for Successful Marketing, which covers a range of ideas to get your book out there to the readers. Surprising to most new writers, marketing your own book is a large part of the publication process. Monahan gives ideas on how to get the reader interested, reading and sharing with others.

Anne Schroeder goes on to give us an experienced account of her marketing tactics. From booking radio shows to book signings - which have led to other writing and teaching opportunities - to emailing press kits to various places. This very interesting article is worth reading for both new and experienced writers.

Follow Cynthia Leal Massey as she digs for information about a somewhat hidden cemetery in Helotes, Texas alongside an unusual residence covered with gargoyles and chimney pots. But wait, is it a cemetery? There are headstones, some engraved names...but are there bodies? Are they really there? Massey searches through records, talks to locals and finally gets to the bottom of the mystery. Scroll down through the newsletter and read all about her adventures.

For members, there are several pages of information on getting your books advertised in the 2009 Women Writing the West Catalog, along with information on the upcoming October Women Writing the West Conference.

Be sure to thank Alice Trego, Mary Trimble and Jenny Hancey for a beautiful job of planning, designing and editing the newsletter.

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Gwyn Ramsey said...

Great job, everyone. Enjoyed reading the cyberspace newsletter.