Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sarah Rickman's New Website!

My NEW Web site is up!!!
Please go to: and check it out!

A couple of pages are still under construction, but the meat is up now. In a week or so I hope to add photos from Nancy Love’s induction into the Women In Aviation International Pioneer Hall of Fame, March 15, in San Diego.

Nancy Love and the WASP Ferry Pilots of World War II was OFFICIALLY released March 20 – however it has been available from me and on Amazon etc since March 1.

I have a new e-mail address that you can use for ordering signed copies from me:

Or to buy on the open market, click on the buttons (Amazon, Barnes & Noble or my publisher) to order. Of course bookstores can order it. Because my niche is aviation and women in aviation, my audience is mostly found at aviation venues, aviation museums and their gift shops, and airshows, consequently I don’t know how generally it will be carried in stock by chain bookstores. Do me a favor. Tell them – and your local librarian – about “Nancy Love” and ask them to order it. Send them to the Website.

You-all have been talking about the dearth of Y/A books. Several of my “fans” have told me they think this book is marketable to Y/A-age readers – even though it is an adult biography -- because it is the story of a woman who proved she was made of the “right stuff” and made her mark in a male profession in the very male-dominated world of World War II America. How she did it is worth reading about.

Would appreciate comments from any of you who read it.

Sarah Byrn Rickman

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