Wednesday, August 15, 2007

August Reading Group

We'll start discussing our Monthly Selection around August 15th so get your copy and start reading now! Best price is through Here is information about the book from Rio Nuevo, the publisher's website:

The Wicked West
Boozers, Cruisers, Gamblers, and More
Sherry Monahan
ISBN-13: 978-1-887896-74-0
ISBN-10: 1-887896-74-0
176 pp, 6 x 9, paper, 60 b&w photos and illustrations

The Wicked West takes readers on a sinful journey back to frontier days. Gallop your horse right into a saloon (that often really happened!). Learn how our forefathers—and foremothers—enjoyed life’s wild little pastimes, such as drinking, smoking, gambling, and of course, prostitution. Your guide for this riotous trip through saloons and bordellos all across the Old West is popular historian, Sherry Monahan. She shows you how to mix a mean whiskey cocktail and gives the rules for the high-rolling game of faro. Best of all, she introduces you to a crowd of rough, tough, real-life men and women who tell their unforgettable stories in their own salty words.
Who would have guessed that absinthe was a popular drink? It's now available again in the United States having been banned since 1912. Go to the reading forum link to learn more about the green fairy!

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