Monday, August 08, 2011

August New Releases

When Hummers Dream
A Mitford-Haven Story
By Mara Purl

Miranda Jones loves her new hometown Milford-Haven. But why do the tourists have to come and spoil it? Of course, it’s their summer-visits that fuel the town’s economy for the whole year, so she shouldn’t be complaining. But where’s their respect for the local wildlife and the blissful quiet of the peaceful Central Coast?

Hummingbirds make Milford-Haven their summer home, spinning through the lush local gardens and sipping ambrosia from a multitude of flowers. Miranda visits her favorite garden to create her latest watercolor, but finds a close encounter with a tiny bird changes everything...

Don’t miss the story before the story...the short story that happens right before Book One, What the Heart Knows.

Published by Bellekeep Books

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