Sunday, November 07, 2010

November New Releases

Paradise Ridge
By Sue Cauhape

A young Nevada buckaroo rejuvenates the vigor and good fortune of those around him, showing the true magic of the Seventh Son. But is his power supernatural or the accidental gifts of an observant young man?

Everyone around Leandro Arriaga sees him differently, but who is he really: the mythic Seventh Son of his father’s imaginings or the spawn of a prostitute bent on destroying the House of Arriaga?

When a fall from a horse forces Leandro into the care of his estranged sisters, he heals ancient wounds inflicted by his birth. An unexpected inheritance presents the opportunity to help his siblings develop their ambitions. In doing so, Leandro establishes a new trust in his family.

Though he gives so freely to others, his own life spirals downward in a series of events that challenges his faith. The most humiliating incident of all, however, helps him understand his young and fragile Shoshone wife, Lucy. In the end, he comes full circle, reclaiming his wife and son and his own paradise on the beautiful Nevada range. With the majesty of the American West and wild horses as a backdrop, Paradise Ridge traces the serpentine course Leandro and Lucy must travel to return to grace and walk in beauty.

Like peeling away the layers of an onion, this 21st-Century western saga draws upon the vaquero, Basque and Shoshone traditions to add texture to a story of betrayal and regeneration. An ensemble of quirky characters reveals how personal mythologies can guide or mislead us, delivering the tragedy, comedy and ironic twists that come when we misinterpret a person’s true identity.

Published by Robertson Publishing



Spooky Creepy North Dakota
by Lori L. Orser

Travel the prairies of North Dakota to discover ghost stories, rural legends, andhaunted places that dot this state. Visit the haunted San Haven Sanatorium, where over 1100 people died of tuberculosis and eerie spirits still linger! Travel to college campuses where students died but never left.

Learn about haunted historic homes, the ranch cabin where President Teddy Roosevelt's ghost remains, along with more modern homes whose former residents still make their presence known. Puzzle over three mysterious and famouse murders in North Dakota -- do the victims still haunt the plains?

Did Satanists connected to the Son of Sam murders have a hideout in theghost town of Tagus? And visit sacred sites of the earliest residenets of North Dakota, and learn about their histories and ghost stoires. Spooky Creepy North Dakota will haunt your dreams!

Published by Schiffer Publishing


Jackson Hole Journey
By Linda Jacobs
Read by John Pruden

Jackson Hole Journey 

(Yellowstone Series - Book 4)

by Linda Jacobs

Immigrant Francesca di Paoli reaches Jackson Hole in 1925 . . . and narrowly misses dying in the historic Gros Ventre landslide. Poised above homes and ranches, will the wall of debris hold back the dammed waters?

Over the next two years, Francesca cooks at the Snake River Dude Ranch, where the Sutton family's sons compete for her. Firstborn William appears the steady one, but wants to be seen as more than the owner's son. Bryce, believing his parents care more for William, spends time away until he meets Francesca.

Tensions rise as their Nez Perce uncle comes to the ranch to die, attracting the Klan's attention, and earth tremors shake up the landslide dam. Swept up in the floodtide of history, what will become of Francesca, William, and Bryce?

Published by Books in Motion
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