Wednesday, October 06, 2010

October New Releases

Old World Murder
by Kathleen Ernst

Hoping to leave behind her heartbreaking past, Chloe Ellefson makes a fresh start as the new collections curator at Old World Wisconsin.  But Chloe's first day on the job brings only misfortune when an elderly woman pleads with her to find the priceless antique Norwegian ale bowl that she donated to the museum years ago.  Minutes later, the disappointed woman dies in a mysterious car crash
Throwing herself into the dangerous investigation, Chloe discovers someone is desperately trying to erase all traces of the ale bowl's existence by any means necessary...including murder.  With cop Roelke McKenna at her side, Chloe must solve a decades-old puzzle, catch a covetous killer, and stay alive in this deadly heirloom hunt.

Published by Midnight Ink, October, 2010.  

Available through your local bookstore and online distributors.

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 Follow the Dream
by Heidi M. Thomas

Nettie Moser’s dreams are coming true. She’s married to her cowboy, Jake, they have plans for a busy rodeo season, and she has a once in a lifetime opportunity to rodeo in London with the Tex Austin Wild West Troupe.

But life during the Great Depression brings unrelenting hardships and unexpected family responsibilities. Nettie must overcome challenges to her lifelong rodeo dreams, cope with personal tragedy, survive drought, and help Jake keep their horse herd from disaster.

Will these challenges break this strong woman?

Follow the Dream is the continuation of Nettie’s story in Cowgirl Dreams, based on the author's grandmother, a real Montana cowgirl, who rode bucking stock in Montana rodeos during the 1920s and 30s.

In her poignant tale of Nettie Moser's diligent pursuit of a dream, Heidi Thomas gives a stunning example of what it means to "Cowgirl Up." FOLLOW THE DREAM is a dynamic story of a woman's strength and determination that is sure to inspire as well as entertain.
—Sandi Ault, award-winning author of the WILD Mystery Series, including WILD INDIGO, WILD INFERNO, WILD SORROW and WILD PENANCE

Published by Treble Heart Books

The book can be  pre-ordered through a special offer from Heidi—free shipping—until Oct. 13. Send check or money order for $12.95 to Heidi Thomas at 1314 Harrison, Mount Vernon WA 98273. (Or order through PayPal on my website

It also can be ordered through Treble Heart Books