Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sheila Foard's Amazon.Short has a new program called Amazon.Shorts. Any author who has a book for sale on Amazon can submit a Short (2,000 to 10,000 words, previously unpublished). If accepted, the Short can be downloaded from Amazon for six months. Cost: 49 cents.

Shorts allow readers the chance to "try out" an author's writing prior or in addition to purchasing a longer, more expensive work. Shorts allow authors the chance to write up a new "book" idea or a "sidebar" for an exisiting book.

My Short titled "Fred Harvey's Fast Food Empire, Yesterday & Today" is now available for downloading. It's a three-part piece: a bio of Fred Harvey, the Father of Fast Food (an article which placed First in its category in the 2006 SouthWest Writers contest); a review of the classic Judy Garland/Angela Lansbury 1946 musical, The Harvey Girls; and a virtual travelogue of Harvey Houses across the Southwest that are still open to the public.

Sheila Wood Foard
author of HARVEY GIRL


Donna D said...

Cool! Thanks for telling us about that program. How interesting. Does the author get any money or does it all go to Amazon?

SheilaWoodFoard said...

Sheila answered....
The author does get money monthy when the Short sells. The split is 60/40. Amazon gets the 60. If the Short is reprinted after the six months, Amazon gets more. Details are available on